How to Do Recruitment in Limited Budget

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Recruitment is the first step for any organization to reach potential candidates and make them the most suitable employees for the company. These employees will become brand ambassadors for your business. But oftentimes, recruiting departments are on a tight budget when it comes to posting job ads.

To achieve this in this situation, recruiters end up using means and mediums for advertising job vacancies that are not relevant or accessible to the relevant candidates they are looking for.

As technology advances every day, recruiters must understand how to recruit effectively within a limited budget. These 5 tips mentioned below should be thoroughly analyzed by the recruiter and implemented during the recruitment process.

Job advertising moves to online format

Posting a job online is much cheaper than posting in any other medium. Online jobs are targeted only to relevant candidates, which helps you close positions quickly. Traditional advertising methods spread everywhere and recruiters end up wasting time on unwanted profiles. Resumes received through online advertising cost less than Rs 10, while traditional methods may cost around Rs 50 per resume received.

Looking for one-click job posting software

In common recruitment practice, companies purchase accounts on various recruitment websites in the market. The charges for posting senior or popular job vacancies on all major recruitment websites total Rs 4000 per job posting. But on the other hand, the same job posted from Applicant Tracking System costs just Rs 750 and posted on all major websites. The best time-saving factor is that you don’t have to log into every portal and upload the same information again and again; online job application software will post your job in one click.

Focus on receiving resumes from your website

Most companies overlook the importance of a website. Any applicant who understands the importance of your brand will be willing to apply for your open positions. It has been observed that recruiters are reluctant to display vacancies on the Careers page of their websites. Dependence on IT resources can be another obstacle. Open positions created through your applicant tracking system automatically appear on your website. Job seekers who visit your website can apply directly there.

Avoid publishing job vacancies as a data task

Most recruiters hire freelancers to share job openings as data posting tasks. They pay these freelancers a lot of money for their work. But freelancers cannot differentiate between a work location and a regular location. They simply post the job description on any website that allows them to do so, just as they did in the data release project. This practice will result in your job vacancies being posted on irrelevant websites. Receiving applications is a far-fetched topic, and your target audience is nowhere near that.

Find pre-screened databases

Recruiters often believe that the next best alternative to purchasing job postings from job boards is to access their databases. The database does not filter them for relevance to the vacancies you have. In most cases, 90% of resumes will be rejected by your manager or client. This is the biggest waste of time and money on unnecessary profiles. Online job application software provides you with pre-screened profiles that are relevant to the open positions you are seeking. These candidates are ready for further interviews with your company.

Source by Krishna Y