Network Marketing Business – How to Make Money in Network Marketing Even When You’re Broke!

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So you raised the last bit of cash to add to your internet marketing business, but now you have no money to spend on advertising. This happens so often that people actually sometimes lose motivation and don’t start building their business until they have money to advertise. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t happen.

This is a bad idea and usually leads to huge failure.

The good news is that you can market your network marketing home business even if you’re broke, and there are literally dozens of ways to do it. Of course, some methods are better than others. Some are more effective than others, and some require more time than others. But I want to give you some methods that you can start right now that are very effective.

Promote your internet marketing business quickly and for free…

I’m going to discuss online ways to get traffic to your internet marketing website in a minute, but first I want to tell you a way you can start building your internet marketing business quickly right now…once you read this article. The best way is to start talking to people you know. Please don’t listen to the nonsense of those who tell you that the old internet marketing methods are dead.

Proof that traditional internet marketing principles are not dead!

First, that’s not the case, as our downline of over 60,000 employees can attest. But secondly, if there’s anything more freeing than talking, then I don’t know what it is. Not only that, you’re most likely investing a pretty penny in your internet marketing business suite when you join, and if the chance of joining is worth it, there are some great promotional tools out there for you to use, so use them! They’ve probably been tested and tweaked to work like crazy.

Build your internet marketing business online for free

The first thing is the first thing. You need somewhere to send traffic and start building your brand. You need a website that works for your MLM business. “But I don’t have the money to buy it” you say to yourself. Well, you don’t need it. You can build a free website on or get a free blog up and running on

Internet Marketers’ Lifeline Opportunities for Success

You must start collecting clues as soon as possible. This means you need an autoresponder service. I would suggest that if necessary you should borrow money here and set up a service like Aweber, but there are some good free services that will suffice for now. Just Google free autoresponders and see what you can find, but it’s a must-have to contact your prospects.

Get free traffic to your new internet marketing website

Okay, you’ve built a website, now you need some traffic. One of the best things you can do is write articles and submit them to article directories like this one. is the best, you can get a lot of traffic from the website itself, plus if you are smart, your articles will also rank in the search engines. Look up « hobo marketing methods » on Google and you’ll find a wealth of resources on finding the right keywords to rank in Google.

You will also need to publish these articles to your own blog, then make considerable changes to them and place them in other article directories online.

Make friends and get free traffic

You may have heard of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may already have an account there. This is a great place to drive traffic to your website. Post a status or tweet to let all the friends you already know know you have a business opportunity or that you just wrote an article and linked to it. Then start making new friends who are interested in making money.

Source by David L. Feinstein