Nigerian Affiliate Marketing Program

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I am writing this article because I was recently looking for affiliate marketing opportunities in Nigeria. I have a website and would like to monetize my website traffic by offering them highly targeted Nigerian affiliate products or services. This has been a frustrating search for me!

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system where website A agrees to serve banners, text ads, etc. from website B, and website A gets a specific percentage of any sales generated by website B. It’s a performance-based marketing system that’s much better than spend and marketing. Spend on online marketing methods like paid search!

How do Nigerian websites monetize traffic?

Most Nigerian websites display Google ads to monetize traffic. We say the affiliate marketing system is better, for example, most of the time, the revenue you show with Google Ads will never come close to $5. Google also never tells you how it shares ad revenue with you.

The affiliate program is explicit in that it provides a percentage of the cost for each sale you refer. Even better, you can run Google Ads and affiliate ads on the same website! This is indeed smart website traffic monetization!

It’s unimaginable that many of the top Nigerian themed websites don’t run or offer highly targeted Nigerian affiliate programs to monetize website traffic! A look at the top websites in Nigeria reveals a flood of ads from as far away as Sri Lanka? ! This is certainly a waste of potential revenue from offering a highly targeted Nigerian affiliate program.

nigerian affiliate program

It’s laughable how many Nigerian websites/products there are that don’t have affiliate programs. When I decided to look for affiliate programs, I stumbled upon a hosting related program running in Nigeria. Being an ISP is hard enough… but to believe or think that there is a big enough market to set up home hosting?

I discovered a Nigerian marketing plan that I think is going to be popular and I’m going to use it! Alas, this is a Lagos real estate affiliate marketing program; it is based on an offline model! This is a huge disappointment to me. I didn’t find any other Nigerian affiliate programs other than the two mentioned above!

In short, the rise of massive websites in Nigeria provides opportunities for Nigerian webmasters and Internet enthusiasts. Google Ads is an exciting way to monetize website traffic, but imagine the impact that affiliate ads offering highly targeted Nigerian services could have on your bottom line? Let’s do some numbers…imagine a product sells for $10 and offers you 50% off? You quoted 1,000 people as 10,000 sales, which easily translates to $50,000!

Source by Pete Ade