What Should Be, A Real Estate Agent’s DUTY?

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Many people are licensed to sell real estate, but so few become quality, effective, meaningful real estate agents!Compliance with one’s fundamental duties and necessary responsibilities requires more than just knowledge, understanding and/or even commitment, but it is important to consider, examine and understand the attorney’s profession responsibility! To serve and represent his interests before hiring the best, get the best. For the best results, when it comes to selling, for most people, what is their largest single financial asset (their home), he must ask that person to represent him with the utmost professionalism, etc. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss what this means and represents using mnemonics, and why it is important to recognize and understand.

1. discover; deliver; decide: Great agents always open their minds and discover the best way to market a specific property! They are focused, forward-thinking, and proactive to deliver the high-quality performance and results their clients need and deserve. They must be ready, willing and able to determine the market value, specific niche and best approach for each client and property.

2. Useful; common/unusual; urging; unique: Why hire someone if their services and representation are useless and unhelpful? Hire someone who pays close attention to the common and unusual features of a particular property, as well as the specific marketing required, to get the best results! This person must be willing to push his clients to work as a team member and implement a custom, unique approach to each listing!

3. Timely; time-tested: There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, so we must research, learn, discover and utilize time-tested techniques and methods! Never procrastinate, because only consistent, thoughtful, and timely action will serve your clients’ best interests!

4. you; your: Your representative has a responsibility and obligation to prioritize you over his personal interests! Good agents get better by listening effectively, acting with the utmost genuine empathy, consistently considering the best way to get you the best deal, and negotiating favorable, quality terms. ,timely!

Hire a man and he will take his responsibilityTake your clients seriously and avoid taking shortcuts just because they may be paths with less resistance! Real estate agents must prove their worth in everything they do!

Source by Richard Brody