Discover Paradise on Seychelles Holidays

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Whether you’re looking for an unparalleled romantic destination or a getaway with access to tropical surroundings, the Seychelles may be the island you’re looking for. Made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles offer a variety of experiences – all set against stunning ocean backdrops.

The region’s tropical climate – the Seychelles is located off the coast of East Africa and northeast of Madagascar – means many people are drawn to these islands for relaxing beach holidays. However, there are also plenty of thrilling activities on the archipelago. For example, the temperate Indian Ocean is an ideal place for water lovers to frolic.

Windsurfing is one of the most popular options in the area, and the best times to try it are usually between May and October when the trade winds begin and end. Additionally, most of the Seychelles islands offer scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and fishing.

Those who prefer to enjoy the ocean in a quieter way will find it easy to find a yacht, powerboat, catamaran or sailboat to help them explore the island. There are also many guided walks and hikes around the island so visitors can witness some of the natural beauty on foot.

Other activities commonly offered in the Seychelles include golf, tennis and horse riding, meaning you’re sure to find your favorite way to stay active during your holiday in this stunning location. Culture lovers are well taken care of, though, with the main island of Mahe boasting an impressive six museums as well as a botanical garden and many national monuments.

The Seychelles don’t skimp on art galleries either, and any holidaymaker looking for souvenirs will be pleased to know there are plenty of markets and shops on the island. The nightlife doesn’t disappoint either, but the sparsely populated beaches remain one of the area’s greatest boons. Flights to Seychelles Landing at Seychelles International Airport, from where the island can be easily traveled via domestic flights, boats and taxis, means visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the island from the moment they arrive.

Source by Adam Singleton