Surprise Package – Blackberry 8110 Pink Mobile Phone

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Launching new phones from different mobile companies is a common phenomenon these days. A shiny new BlackBerry 8110 pink phone is now available. The advanced features built into this phone are quite fascinating. These include multimedia players, digital cameras, video recorders and instant messaging.

The 2-megapixel camera can capture and store beautiful moments in users’ lives. Download songs, video clips using the web browser feature installed in it. One of the other unique features of this smart Blackberry 8110 Pink phone is its Wi-Fi capability. Users can easily access the Internet in homes, businesses, hospitals and other areas.

Through Bluetooth and USB technology, users can exchange mobile phone content with other mobile phones and computers. Also, check out the BlackBerry map and get the right directions. This bright Blackberry 8110 Pink phone can store up to 10 email addresses. It also includes Google Mail and Google Talk accounts in the menu list.

The phone weighs 91 grams and includes other features such as vibration alert, SMS, address diary, reminder, speed dial and alarm clock. The sexy Blackberry 8110 Pink design features a semi-QWERTY-shaped keyboard that offers a rich and elegant look. Not only does it contain this supreme style, but it also has a shiny trackball in the middle of the phone. These are attractive features of this phone that are rare in the mobile market.

The phone has an expandable memory slot that can also be used to upload large amounts of data required. This is an interesting feature as the user will not limit him to a certain level.

Users can watch news and other sports or business clips anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can also watch and enjoy colorful songs and short video files. The Blackberry 8110 Pink phone holder can use Roxio Media Manager for fast CD conversion. Due to these outstanding features, people no longer need to rely on high-tech devices such as computers, CD players, and laptops.

Source by Faith Hill