The Secret Alien Agenda and the Stupidity Virus

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With all due allusion to myth, magic and metaphor, and perhaps even an attempt at allegory, the « secret alien agenda » pertains to a cosmic conspiracy. There is no intent to any references, direct or indirect, with regard to illegal human trespassing across sovereign borders of various countries. In addition, the « stupidity virus » suggests the devolving state of human interactivity as concerns the regressive tendencies to avoid evidence driven rational analysis.

In post-modern societies, the allegation is that facts, the weight of evidence, and scientific validation, is often dismissed in favor of emotional reactivity in the perpetration of antisocial commentary. For the satiation of amative urges for selfish intentions, by way of dangerous subjective validation, the force of willful animosity contravenes the progress and advancement of the human species. In short, human civilization dooms its own demise.

Many complex factors, intentional, purposeful and premeditated, conspire and collude to bring about the sixth great extinction upon the planet. According to one report, appearing in a well-known publication of a nationally recognized geographic institution, that question is posed to the readership. Will the human race survive the next global extinction event? Answer, most likely no, not if stupidity reaches pandemic levels, and idiocy is on the rise.

In 3D comic fashion, the characterization of this willful planetary exploitation is exhibited in a fictional story-line. Along with colorful characters, the fictional short story, as well as the digital artistry, portrays the adventures of a valiant government agent. Her mission is to expose the « secret alien agenda » for the spread of the interstellar « stupidity virus ». Naturally, many enemies arise, including mad scientists, corporate elitists, robotic entities, and politicians.

Of course, the intriguing aspects of it all is poking fun at inane social commentary. Silly and unintelligent conjecture permeates social media, 24/7 alleged news cycles, talk show « talking heads », and mirrors the reflection of the narcissus pool of « two dimensional thinking ». This offering of the nebulous descriptor of « 2D thinking » stems from a movie script line from a famous « star-fleet » movie. It refers to the darkness of evil in a malevolent character, as well as the inability to think creatively, with logical application of rational analysis. Further to this point, a major think tank, with a long U.S. government research history did a major study on the issue.

Accordingly, the aforementioned study asserted what might be termed « truth decay », as increasingly the erosion of reliance on facts, evidence, critical thinking, and insistence upon well-defended points of view. Instead, fiction over facts pervades the social nexus and mainstream claims of believability. Emotional reactivity in the maladaptive tendencies to safeguard subjective validation with constant appeals to fallacies of inference. This of course lends facetious credence to hasty generalizations bordering on ethnic, racial, sexual and political divisiveness.

Hence, the metaphorical assertion of the « secret alien agenda ». It is satirical and meant to poke fun at stupidity, selfishness and condescending self-interests. Not only that, but also the self-centered and egoistic arrogance that strains the boundaries of believability. Nonetheless, specious conjecture and nebulous notions, absent the evidence, are widely accepted. In addition, coupled with an ignorance of historical events, idiocy raises dangerous potentialities. Simplistic trouble freethinking degrades the probability of meaningful discourse.

Unfortunately, most people are not history buffs, nor do most learn from significant historical crises. As such, human nature suggests not much changes and people do not change very much over time. As to evil, this is simply the illicit, unlawful and mean-spirited inflictions some people do to other people. Again, the reflection is that of egregious selfishness by way of intentional stupid behavior. Stupid refers also to lazy thinking or a lack of critical thinking from a constructive standpoint and professes empathy for others, and promotion of the greater good.

For that vileness, by neither gratitude or reverence, perseverance or progress, great numbers of people claim the entitlement of selfishness. To this, the echo, the reflection of mirrored conception, decries the very essence of self-evolving ascension. Failing to climb to higher levels or loftier peaks of neural instigation, the death of willfulness covers a grave from which the dead rise up stupider than before. Conflict with constant raging storms of ignorance flood the institutions from one ship of commerce to another port of academia. Foolishness undermines reality.

Stupidity also represents other descriptors whereby people in general perpetrate the safe, comfortable and detached mediocrity of foolish behaviors. Some might claim there is a social loss of something called common sense, or a lack thereof. Used here, the term is applied to illustrate the poignancy of how such willful behaviors adversely affect social culture. Absurd, inane and foolhardy conjecture, whether by the news media or politicians, hastens human devolution.

Aside from the terminology employed to describe the devolving state of the human species, « aliens » are involved to illustrate the ongoing state of irresponsibility. Blaming others, things, entities, gadgets, unknown forces, unscientific « diagnoses », cell phones, the internet, etc., one can evade accountability. Acting stupid and finding convenient excuses for ignorance, or someone else’s fault, including criminality, avoids the liability of personal responsibility.

The factional, sectarian, and « alienation » of the population continues to escalate into a myriad of mucking about with all manner of simplistic conjecture. Of course, to digress, the act of mucking applies in several ways. For example, if a person ever worked at a horse riding stable, or on a farm, the act of mucking concerns the removal of manure or other wastes from an animal’s stall. Such is a specific aspect of removing something dirty or of no use from the surroundings.

To stretch the word usage a little further, if social media, political campaigning or news reporting were viewed as « muck », then perhaps shoveling out the « verbal excrement » would be appropriate. Informal British application refers to something of no value or no use. Regardless, the illustration is toward a burgeoning state of negative and condescending behavior. Much of the interactivity devolves to a conflicting state of affairs. It is one in which nearly every act or verbal exchange is potentially viewed as offensive to someone or some group.

To avoid upsetting the childish tendencies, or non-self-evolving emotionalism, pretentious claims of civility likewise encourage a dumbing down of annalistic thinking processes. The perpetration of comfortable ignorance does nothing to advance the human species, yet fosters the safe mediocrity of fiction over fact. Contemporary fallacies of inference, degenerating into hasty generalizations, hastens the decay of rational well-reasoned search for authenticity.

Contemporary « fables, fictions, and fairytales » persist in spreading an array of fictional stories projecting individual and group interpersonal inadequacies. In the post-modern era, while some still blame demon possession for the bad things people do, others find a variety of scapegoats such as alien conspiracies. To sanctify and otherwise justify an assortment of mitigations, space aliens become the perpetrators behind the scenes plotting global domination. One online « alternate news » source cites a researcher’s claim that the U.S. government made a special agreement with a certain group of aliens. According to the source in question, that arrangement allowed the aliens to conduct experiments on humans. In reference to that assertion, the metaphorical insinuation resulted in the overall concept of « the secret alien agenda and the stupidity virus ».

As to the necessity to rise above the primordial depravity of intellectual devolution, extraordinary efforts of psychophysical energy focus on individual enrichment. Regardless, while a few valiant enthusiasts embrace learning, as well as personal individuation, most are willing to accept a non-invasive comfortable level of status quo mundane mediocrity. In this realm, the many will find easy seduction to the submissiveness of less intelligent prospects. In the social mainstream of techno-folly and thoughtless self-gratification, emotional reactivity foments the terrors of hasty generalizations and divisive rushes to judgmental behaviors.

Meanwhile in real science, not the fake kind found in academia like the « social studies » fields, some astrophysicist scoff at the notion aliens visit planet earth. For a few scientists, humans are, in all likelihood, too stupid for alien interaction. Then again, maybe they want stupid humans for other purposes, as in natural resources, farming, and « herd » production and so on. Warnings emerge, along with an admonition to be careful for what you wish. How humans treat each is significant in some of the assertions regarding alien observations of people. Hence, the concern of some scientists that when humans colonized part of the plant, they exploited the indigenous populations of the area of exploration. Subjugation and enslavement ensued thereafter.

Figuratively speaking, to jest and amuse at the egregious fallacies of inference so rife in social media, as well as mainstream alleged news reporting, the alien stupidity virus spreads quickly. Once injected, ingested or otherwise infected by body fluid contact, the idiocy level rises. To the point that serious debate, discussion or analytic discourse becomes increasingly debasing, the deterioration of interpersonal communication devolves tragically. Again, this is only an allusion to the current state of affairs relative to eroding intellectual processes.

In an age of techno-innovation, many falter in formulating reasonable and rational foundations for effective psychodynamic inquiry. Critical thinking is more challenging than ever. As to advances in technology, small groups of creative people engineer those clever mechanistic inventions. These are smart people, but then again, they are susceptible to varying degrees of stupidity once they leave their particular domain. By contrast, the vast majority do not invent advances in a range of scientific endeavors. Instead, the masses of the populace are simply consumers. Moreover, consumerism is grossly obsessive and gluttonous.

From a perhaps more sinister viewpoint, depending on your conjecture, an observation has repeatedly asserted the collusion between mass media and mass marketing. Sales, advertising, and consumption-oriented promotions are relentless. As alleged news media sources are owned by major corporate entities, so are the companies that sell products. Large multinational businesses, with foreign investment as well, promote and otherwise flood the means of telecommunications with incessant barking to buy, sell, ingest, consume, and « cannibalize » materials goods.

While not every business, corporate, or commercial enterprise should be seen as « evil », with sinister collusion among « galactic alien » forces, a majority may be observed as dangerously self-serving. Some of which, is not for the greater good or of significant utilitarian value. Of the networks of wealthy, elite and politically connected, a small portion of the population hierarchy control the majority of material resources. This also includes the potent influence upon individual and group decision-making. Where people refuse to self-evolve, stupidity becomes easy.

Again, « galactic alien » conspiracy is a metaphorical adaption of intentional and voluntary dumbing down of the populace, whereby less honorable people can control them. It’s all illusionary to poke fun at « anti-thinking » infused with emotional reactivity. For the lazy, indecisive and those prone to magical thinking, especially the uncreative and marginal thinkers, the tyranny of power, control and domination is not difficult to achieve. A studied glance at most politicians and a broad based assumption can be made of the widespread societal idiocy.

As such, the « alien stupidity » virus increasingly passes from one self-aggrandizing political ideologue to the next. In the age of the selfie, the narcissistic reflection, through the looking glass of conceit, appropriately echoes the foolish arrogance of modern politicians. A number of mythological characters could serve as appropriate archetypes. Furthermore, the not so hidden agenda contained herein is that there are no excuses for stupid, inept, incompetent and otherwise idiot behavior. The actualization of free will does away with defense and mitigations to the contrary. People are purposeful, deceitful, and intentional in their antics.

Deterministic illusions, espoused by some schools of thought within the realms of the « social studies », serve as excusatory alibis for willful mitigations. As such the alien stupidity virus is a good cover story to explain away the illicit and illegal perpetrations of selfish counter-social afflictions. In a culture where any « psycho-diagnosis » will do, anything is justifiable. Simplistic notions projecting specious conjectures easily explains mysterious complexities.

In grips of the stupidity virus, after a brief incubation time following the transmittal of the pathogen, emotional reactivity and dismissive condescension replace reason and rationality. Facts are replaced by the overwhelming reliance on feelings instead of hardcore evidentiary substantiation. From a macabre perspective, perhaps cynical consideration, maladaptive thinking at a primeval level is probably good for a rapaciously out of control consumer culture. For the many who are not prone to in-depth critical analysis, prefer simplistic thinking and immediate gratification, limited perspectives are more compatible with complacency.

According to some commentary on contemporary social issues, the environment in western societies depicts the illusion that hope springs eternal for utopic ascension. A diverse range of conditions demonstrates to the contrary and suggests a devolution of the human species. Accusations address issues related to the state of education, as well as political processes, in which it appears people are increasingly deficient in areas of critical thinking. Allegedly, a few researchers are inclined to infer that the population in general exhibits a kind of « mindlessness » that makes social problem solving more difficult. The stupidity virus is spreading.

With a « zombified » population, socio-political and economic interactivity grows more and more difficult and contentious in terms of advancing the human species. Currently, across the broad spectrum of the mainstream, the stupidity factor reflects tense and temperamental over-reaction to the slightest hint of disagreement. Confrontations culminate in tense close encounters every kind in which violence may erupt to ensure someone’s immediate gratification.

Any reference to « close encounters of the third kind », as historically suggested in science fiction movie genre, is a passing reference to divisive condescension infecting social media. So often, the philosophical battles enter the picture that eventually fatigue good intentions to the contrary. A few get weary in the never-ending process of wondering if there is such a thing as common sense. As such, to exercise a profound sense of selflessness in devotion to mature and enlightened perspective demands the due diligence of hard work.

Matureness, growing up, acting like an adult who accepts the accountability of responsibility, invokes a special kind of courage. Unfortunately, quickly gratifying the whims of juvenile narcissism, and insisting upon the superficiality of subjective validation, gets in the way of being an authentic individual. To seize daring opportunities to transform and be a better version than the original imperfection requires exceptional valor, as well as lifelong commitment.

By contrast, to presumptions of maturation, in a « crybaby » culture with a « snowflake » society, speculation suggests the stupidity virus undergoes mutations. In a journal article several years ago, a social theorist wrote of the « sore loser » inclination rampant in modern American society. Instead of pulling together as loyal opposition when one side loses an election, the trend is riot and destroy property. Rather than foster cohesiveness for the promotion of the general welfare, ranting, fuming and sowing discord is preferable. In furtherance of the inane nature of the viral infectiousness, from anti-thinking to « racial victimology », human regression continues.

In the process, often is heard some use of a convenient excusatory precursor to illicit behaviors. This includes things like « snapped », « lost it », or « triggered », as well as other simplistic descriptors. Several others used are broken, cracked, shattered, and sparked. While at it, might as well throw in bit, or bitten, like the zombie virus, very similar to the alien viral infection. However, do not stop there. Include demonic possession too. Use every possible inauthentic mitigation, pretense, apology or alibi. Similarly, rationalize intentional aberrations with a mental diagnosis. Forget scientific validity or evidentiary substantiation. Crybaby culture demands apologies.

For the secret alien agenda, the spread of the stupidity virus, metaphorically speaking, is a parody for the anti-thinking emotionalism of a collapsing culture. To satiate selfish rationalizations, ignorance is an inner caricature of personal mockery. With all the potential for extraordinary self-actualization, or even higher in enlightened transformation, many squander their creative ascension. Refusing to grow up, to remain the perpetual child, and insist on the echo of reflective imagery of oneself, are central features of a society edging toward collapse.

The advancement of the human species requires brilliant innovations in collaborative constructive problem solving. Pro-social enterprises to enhance the commonwealth of everyone, by way of equitable, selfless and mutually beneficial contributions, persevere to avert disastrous consequences. Yet, for humanity, in all probability, time is running out. Gluttonous conspicuous consumption beyond the capacity to repair and replenish succeeded in reaching a point of no return. Meanwhile, stupidity finds refuge in bigotry, inequity of every kind, exploitation of the environment, and the arrogance of ignorance. Condescending babble spews negativism throughout social media and mainstream alleged news outlets. In lieu of driven by facts, fictitious claims masquerade as « proof » in support of specious fallacies of inference. A devolving milieu increasingly shows symptoms of the secret alien agenda and spread of the stupidity virus.

Source by Randy Gonzalez