Tips to Get Approved at CPA Networks!

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It can be a little tricky to get approved at Cost Per Action networks, especially if you are a newbie in online marketing or cost per action marketing.

You need to understand:

CPA networks are making profits by delivering results, so they don’t want to wast their (work-)time with unprofessional affiliate partners.

There is an other reason, because your customer don’t need to spend money in order for you to make a profit, it’s much easier to « fake » results (like the « Click Fraud » with AdSense), which means a great risk for the CPA network, that’s why you need to look like a successful internet marketer, who knows what to do to get results.

But in fact, it’s not hard to look like a professional in order to get approved at CPA networks, if you keep some important points in mind.

By following these points you increase you chances of approval dramatically:

1. Your Website

It’s an important point to have a professional looking website, it don’t need to be a masterpiece of website, but you need to show « you know what you are doing ».

If you set up a new website, don’t forget to do keyword research and optimize your website for the search engines. If you have already a website, optimize it if necessary and use it, this is the better option, of course. (So you got a website with a certain age, this looks even better.)

I recommend to use a WP-Blog as website, if you start a new one, be sure to have at least 15 Blog post posted. (less may work too, but more are better)

2. You need a Phone number

In most cases you need to enter a valid Phone number when signing up for a CPA network. Be sure to be reachable. Many CPA networks are interviewing their potential partners a few minutes. Again, they only want to be sure you are knowing what you do in internet marketing.

3. E-mail address

You need an valid e-mail address in order to sign up. don’t use free email accounts here, it’s important to use your own domain e-mail address. (I recommend to set up a new e-mail address for CPA offers)

You can increase your chances if you got an e-mail list,, just add email-promotion or something similar to your marketing methods (mostly there will be a field to fill out when you sign up for CPA Networks)

Source by Winfried Huebner